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The Lady From Shanghai/ The Upturned Glass

To keep with the mystery/suspense theme of the month, I would like to present two more films for your viewing pleasure.

The first is “The Lady From Shanghai” (1947). Directed, produced, and starring Orson Welles, this noir mystery is the story of an Irish seaman, Michael O’Hara, who rescues a beautiful woman, Elsa, from a mugging in Central Park. Against his better judgment, he accepts a crew position on a yacht sailing to San Francisco, offered to him by Arthur Bannister, Elsa’s husband. Michael soon finds himself mixed up in a murderous plot.

This 88 minute film is based on the 1938 novel “If I Die Before I Wake” by Sherwood King. Great camera angels, plot twists, and an amazing hall of mirrors shoot out makes this film worth a look. Oh and did I mention that Rita Hayworth is in this one. Way to bring the sex appeal!

“The Upturned Glass” is my second choice. Released on August 1, 1947, this 90 minute suspenseful psychological thriller was directed by British screenwriter and producer Lawrence Huntington. Starring James Mason, Rosamund John, and Pamela Kellino, this is the tale of a brain surgeon who brews a scheme to murder the woman responsible for the death of the woman he loved.

This film uses flashback narration to tell the story, leading up to our main character putting his plan of revenge into action. It’s a simple storyline with a big twist in the end.

Both “The Lady From Shanghai” and “The Upturned Glass” can be viewed on YouTube for free.


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