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Scrooge or Marley's Ghost

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Christmas bells are ringing!

Happy Holidays, kiddies of all ages. This is a time of peace, love, and hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and with, hopefully, a peppermint stick. It is also a time of watching Christmas and holiday films. This year, along with your regular holiday favorites, I say it is time to sprinkle in a little vintage cheer. Every week, this month, up until Christmas day, I will introduce a short, silent festive treat to nibble on.

Today’s selection is 1901’s” Scrooge or Marley’s Ghost” directed by British director, writer, actor, and magician, Walter Robert Booth. The six minute, twenty second short is the earliest screen adaption of Charles Dicken’s novella “A Christmas Carol.” With the use of trick photography and fading between scenes, Booth brought this classic story to life.

Sadly, only three and a half minutes of the movie’s footage has survived. Still, it is a fun watch. So, snuggle up in a cozy blanket with a mug of your favorite warm holiday drink. “Scrooge or Marley’s Ghost” can be seen on YouTube for free.

Enjoy the movie!

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