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A wager between heaven and hell. A deadly plague racing through a little village and an old scholar, who after losing faith in God, makes a pact with the devil to save his countrymen. In no time, he falls deeper into an entanglement with evil, but at what cost?

This is the plot of our next spooky cinematic classic, “Faust”.

This piece of artistry was directed by F.W. Murnau, who also directed Nosferatu. This would be his final German film before moving to the United States, where he would shoot “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”. This nearly 2 hour running picture took six months to film, using makeup, lighting, and special effects to produce powerful, soul-stirring imagery, keeping its audience breathless. It draws those watching into the storytelling with vivid gestures and facial expressions.

This supernatural adaptation of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe play will take you on a satisfying adventure into wickedness. So, sit for a spell with your beloved ghostly themed mug and then “Behold! The portal of darkness is open and the shadows of the dead haunt the earth”.

Watch “Faust” on YouTube for free.

Have a spooky good time.

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