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Broken Strings (1940)

For this special month of Black History, I have added a bonus Movie in Public Domain for your recommended viewing - the 1940s drama Broken Strings.

Arthur Williams, a Brillant, well respected classical concert violinist, suffers a hand injury during an automobile accident, ending his booming career. He quickly transfers his hopes and dreams on his talented teenage son, Johnny, who, unlike his devotee father, prefers performing modern swing in lieu of the classics.

Directed by Bernard B. Roy, a Russian born American film producer and director, and produced by L.C. Borden, this one hour feature is very unique for its time. Straying away from the typical stereotypes exhibited by most films of the time, this picture shows blacks as professionals (nurses, surgeons, bank tellers, highly respected musicians, ect.).

Starring Clarence Muse as Arthur Williams, Sybil Lewis as his daughter, Grace Williams, and William Washington as John "Johnny" Williams, this is a simple story of about ordinary life, showing black and white movie goers that American blacks can be more than a gangster, a maid, a slave, or a wide eye comic buffoon.

Broken Stringers can be seen on YouTube for free.


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